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Xtreme Fence is the undisputed leader in fencing "Value". We have taken the positive features of every type of metal ornamental fence and left the negative features behind. We have a laundry list of powerful features unique to the "Xtreme Fence" family. The positive features of custom heavy welded wrought iron we utilized: Hand welding - required for unitized construction and needed strength. Heavy steel tubing - 3/4" pickets are a must to keep pickets from bending inward. Decorative Finials - A standard always found on traditional wrought iron Accessories - Hundreds of conventional items like rings, scrolls can be used. The positive features of aluminum fencing we utilized: Non Rusting - We use only Hot Dipped Galvanized tubing. We wire brush each and every weld and apply a special anti-rust coating. To top it all off, we coat this product with thick Thermo-Plastic high gloss finish that can be applied six times thicker than powder coat paint (See features of Thermo-Plastic Coating). The positive features of steel component kit fences we utilized: Heavy steel tubing - we went one better and used ¾" pickets, not 5/8" tubing - We went one better and upgraded to Hot Dipped instead of electroplating to insure an even and much thicker and more protective galvanized coating. This allows us to offer our Lifetime "NO RUST" warranty. Powder Coat Paint - Again we went one better using powder coat Thermo-Plastic high gloss which really resists panels from sliding around once they been stacked. Also it resists UV fading, dampens sound & insulates against electrical shocks that can and do take place due to underground wire contact etc. The positive features unique to "Xtreme Fence": Unequalled grade angle adaptability - Thus the name Xtreme. Only Ornamental Fence with a true "Good Neighbor" look. Pickets outside. Only Fence with 8" picket extension allowing custom panel cuts along top.

Thick Thermo-Plastic Powder Coated finish offering many, many benefits All panels are easily removable unlike the competition. Every open end is plugged including pickets, rails and posts, this stops bee nests. Mounting fasteners carry a 20 year NO RUST Mfg. warranty. One size panel can be used for 6' tall (nominal), 5' tall (nominal), 4' tall (nominal) and 3-1/2' tall (nominal) fence or rail. Only gates on the market (Patented) that will angle in the field to adapt to grade. All gates come with galvanized self closing hinges. . One post works for gates, corners, ends and lines. Eliminates mistakes. Xtreme offers 72,000 colors in PC paint, no extra charge (in most cases) and an extended waiting period my be required. Only fence that has unpunched 4 wall rails for maximum strength. Only fence that you can turn upside down and not tell the difference. Only steel fence on the market with Lifetime "NO RUST" warranty. Only steel fence using ¾" pickets anywhere near our price point. Only fence that can pass over an 8" log or wall while keeping panel level.

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